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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Juneberry jam and juneberry pie -- we made it after all


Well, my earlier moaning and groaning about the lack of juneberries this year was a tad premature. I went on a hard-target search in the first weeks of July and was able to collect about three cups worth -- not great, but not bad, and just enough to make a batch of jelly.

But then my wife took a jaunt out to the Beltrami forest which is about 40 miles east of here, and she was able to pick a couple of buckets of juneberries -- so we ended up okay! We made a delicious pie, you see pictured below.

The jelly you see pictured above is actually a combination of wild raspberry and juneberry. It's fantastic! The flavor is powerful and pungent, so much so that one probably is better off using less than you would normally spread on a crust of bread.

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