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Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to make pineapple weed jelly (it's easy)

Photo by Ken Korczak

Pineapple weed is one of the most useful and healthy native wild plants in nature. It is sometimes called “wild chamomile” because it is among the same family of that plant, which you probably know is an extremely popular herbal remedy and tea.

Pineapple weed is named thusly because it has a slightly sweet scent that some find similar to pineapple. It’s easy to find and work with. To make a fine tea, simply pick some of this stuff, pluck off the flower heads, boil them, let it steep and then strain it through a coffee filter. It makes a mild, fragrant slightly golden-colored tea. Add a tad of sugar and lemon if you want.

But you can also make a marvelous jelly out of this plant. It’s easy.

Gather a small bowl-full of pineapple weed. You can use both the leaves and the flower buds if you want, although some prefer to use only the heads. Boil the buds in about four cups of water. Let is steep and cool. More foraging tips.

Next, pour 3 and one-half cups of your pineapple weed infusion into a kettle. Add three cups of sugar (or less) and bring to a boil. Toss in a 1.75 oz box of fruit pectin, such as Sure Jell, and bring to a boil. Then quickly scoop the liquid into prepared canning jars – and now all you have to do is wait for it to set.

It’s really easy and the whole process takes maybe less than an hour. The jelly is sweet, but just slightly tart.

Pineapple weed
Over the years, pineapple weed has been a popular herbal remedy for relief of gastrointestinal upset, infected sores, fevers, and postpartum anemia.

Pineappleweed is easy to find for the urban and rural dweller alike. Give it a try.

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