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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Squash Trellis: Check back in later to see if it works

The Squash Trellis

So this summer we are trying a trellis for the first time, in this case, a squash trellis.

When I posted a picture of this on Facebook, a number of my wiseacre friends said it looked like something out of the Blair Witch Project. (If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll get the snarky jokes.)

Whatever, I think it looks cools. If it makes the squash grow upward this year rather than spreading out to monopolize the whole garden, well then, mission accomplished. My wife gets all the credit for strapping this thing together. It's just three long sticks from the woods lashed together with twine and -- ta-da! -- a squash trellis.

My enterprising wife also fashioned another trellis using some parts from an old gazebo frame. Does not have the atavistic look of the Blair Witch version, but we'll see which one works better.

In reading up about this, I found that most people report that the squash doesn’t need to be “trained” to climb the trellis, but will do so naturally. So stay tuned. I’ll post updated pictures as the squash grows and (hopefully) climb up upon the Blair Witch stick pyramid.

Oh, by the way, I thought I would include a shot of where the squash is starting. As you can see below, it is still quite small, and we may have to re-position this a bit as the plant grows.

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