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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blue French Fries -- You'll Never Find These At McDonalds

Photo by Ken Korczak

My fascination with the blue potato is endless. And why not? Just take a look at these fabulous blue french fries! They don't just look groovy, they taste great.

Everyone always asks me: "Do blue potatoes taste any different from white or red potatoes?" The answer is mostly no. I suspect if you blindfolded some folks and asked them to taste test the blue versus the red or white, most would not be able to tell the difference.

But the blue potato is a tad more rich and robust than other kinds. When you make mashed potatoes, they end up a bit more firm. The french fries you see here are light, crispy and tasty -- and the look always creates a sensation!

I like the blue potato so much I'm thinking of making it my primary potato choice for the garden next year. The average blue tends to be a bit smaller than those big whites and reds we grow -- but the blue is simply a terrific spud!

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