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Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's wild raspberry time in Minnesota!

Wild raspberry Photo by ken Korczak<>

As you can see from my luscious looking picture, I scored a wild raspberry patch in the woods last night. Picking raspberries in northern Minnesota is fairly labor intensive. These babies grow low to the ground in thick, brushy woodsy areas. In a normal year the mosquitoes make picking any kind of berry in Minnesota an exercise is endurance. But this year, dry weather in my corner of the state means we're having an amazingly blissful mosquito-free summer -- well not entirely, but almost.

The taste of these is beyond sublime -- sweet but not overpowering, tart, but not too tart.

I plan to make jelly out of these when I get enough. Sure, lots of people like raspberry pie, including me, but when you bake a pie, it's here today, gone tomorrow -- if not by the end of the day. For me, making jelly means I get to enjoy the unique flavor of the raspberry for weeks to come.

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